I’ve been reflecting and working on new goals. A few years ago, I was doing this and knew one thing had to change: my drinking, drug use, and risky behavior. I made my resolution and decided to stick to it this time. 

The cops rang my door on the morning of January 1st, 2019, quickly dissolving any hope I’d had about changing my life. They’d been called to do a welfare check. I don’t speak of that often because it’s a reminder of just how far down I’d gone. My winning streak of sobriety ended before I’d even gotten a day into the new year.

The problem with my making a resolution back then was that I didn’t account for the mental, emotional, and physical baggage I had been carrying. I simply thought if I made a decision and changed my habits everything would be ok. WRONG. My body was dependent on substances. I was using substances to cope with depression, anxiety, trauma, and living very far removed from my authentic self. Those issues needed treatment too.

Today, I can look back and I applaud myself for even trying to change my habits. We all start somewhere. In a way, that broken resolution was a sign that I was open to change. It was a not-so-obvious step to getting help.

As I write this, a custom, handmade gift arrived today that is a simple keychain. It says “SOBER AF” and I adore it. I couldn’t love this more. Someone made it just for me, and it’s one of a kind. Just like the items sold here on Sobriety Swag, this is a daily reminder that I healed. I can do hard things. I have come a long way from a desperate, hopeless morning.

If you want to show off your sobriety, check out the latest designs and get yourself something that reminds YOU how far YOU have come. I’m proud of you!!



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