If you’ve been in recovery for any amount of time, you know that celebrities have it hard. Their struggle with substance abuse disorder is dragged out for the public to see, comment, and judge. When they try to go to rehab, their privacy can be invaded by the other patients and even the staff. On the flip side, these celebrities can offer everyone a lot of hope.I personally cheer on (and pray for!) all of those folks who are battling things in a public arena.

Who is someone famous that has been a beacon for your own sobriety? Tell me in the comments. I think my number one celebrity crush is Eminem. LONG BEFORE I had a problem, I was deep into his Recovery album. I memorized (what I could of) that album and blared it in the car. One year, my friends surprised me with an Eminem-themed birthday cake! Epic.

This was four or five years before my own struggle with substances began but there must have been something going on because I related to damn near every line he dropped on that one. As I have mentioned before, my substance abuse was intertwined with mental health battles. I think the honesty with which Eminem admitted the pain he experienced touched me. 

When Eminem took the photo with his 10 year sobriety chip, I beamed. Not only do those in recovery help themselves, we show those who struggle what all is possible on the other side of the battle. That’s why I share openly and why I started Sobriety Swag. It’s not to become famous or make a lot of money—it is to show folks that you can very much lose everything and come back even better than imagined. 

When I got sober my intent was to become my best self. The version of me that had been buried below depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and layers of pain deserved to be freed. Everytime I put on a t-shirt or a hoodie from Sobriety Swag, I remind myself that I am a work in progress and I’ve come a long way.

If you need a simple reminder everyday of why you stay sober, check out the designs on our website. Or, send us some ideas! I want you to feel powerful everytime you wear these hats, shirts, or hoodies. You may not be famous, and yet you’re equally a badass.

With my love,


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